Tuesday, 20 November 2018

M-bots are the coolest robots ever. Our team the Creative CoderZ won the search for the next tech girl superhero competition. Our prize was 500 dollars. We decided to spend our 500 dollars On these robots called M bots. M bots can move around and do a lot of different movements it can avoid obstacles and follow a black line etc. We got a pink m-bot and a blue m-bot. they are called Hero and Buddy.The blue one is called Buddy and the pink one is called Hero.

What would we do better next time?
Working together more, and understanding each other more deeply
Make sure that everyone gets a fair turn

What have we learned about the m bots?
We have learned how to code the robot
We have learned how to get the robot to sense a object if it's in front of it
We have learned how put wires together
Some of us learned how to screw screws in with a screwdriver
We have learned how to work together to code and make the robots

We have had a lot of up and downs but we have worked them out and the robots are amazing!!!!! I think we made a good and informed decision.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Student led conference and Anzac art

Student led conference link

 This is the Anzac art that Sage, Aimee and I did. This artworkcommemorates a story about War in 1914. This artwork took a lot of work. I hope you like it.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Passion project

A couple of weeks ago I finished my passion project. I think it went really well. I love playing it and I wouldn’t do anything differently.

In my passion project I showed persistence, curiosity and hard work.

I would like to thank my Dad for all his time and hard work to help me achieve my foosball table.

Here is a photo of my passion project.

Passion Project

This term Kahikatea learnt about passion projects and watched a video about a boy named Caine and he made an arcade out of boxes. After we watched that video we went away and thought about our passions and also thought about what we might create for our passion project. It took a lot of thinking but I came up with an idea.

My idea was creating a foosball table because soccer is my passion and I also wanted to try something new. I have beeen working very hard and I have only a few more steps to go.

The reason I chose foosball over a chairity match was because I wanted to be able to play it all the time.

For you guys who don't now what foosball is, foosball is a game of football and you have little men connected to sticks and you swing the sticks back and forth and try and score a goal.

I will show you my passion project when it's finished.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Graffit Art

At the start of term 3 Kahikatea got the choice of doing graffiti art or portrait art I decided to go with graffiti art. I chose to do graffiti art because it was something that I had never tried before and I was willing to try it. My first attempt of graffiti art wasn't very good but I was determent to get it right. At the end of week 4 the teachers wanted a graffiti name plate either of your first name,your initials or your nickname. What I liked about graffiti art was I got to learn how to try a different art style

This is my first attempt

This is my second attempt

Thursday, 10 August 2017

AWE Swimming

This last week we have been going down to the Aquatic center to do Awe which 
is water safety. So far we have been... 

* Diving through hoops in the deep end at the bottom of the pool.
* 8 lengths of our choice.
* Sculling.
* Pin dropping into the pool safely. 
* Diving into the pool
* Backstroke, Freestyle, and toeing people across the pool.

Our instructors have also been an amazing help and also very nice. 

At the end of Wednesdays session everyone was awarded with free time and  certificate telling you how well the instructors thought you did. On the certificate you will get a gold medal a silver medal or a bronze medal.

I got a gold medal.

by Ella